Friday, September 28, 2007

Strange Fairy Tales 7: "War"

This is the seventh episode of the podcast Strange Fairy Tales.

The cast of characters includes:

  • The Narrator!

  • The Scriptwriter!

  • The Ex-General!

  • A vegetarian fairy godmother dressed in green leaves!

Well, all those are not surprising, but this time, they actually play a very important part! And then there are:

  • The Fairy AAAARGH!!!! Removal Team!

  • The Giantoodle Mages!

  • And the Chieftain!

  • A hoard of Toucans!

  • Toucan Sam!

  • A chicken who is in the wrong place!

  • And MORE!

And as usual, there is more set-up for further nonsense which includes:

  • The hiring of a fifth Strange Fairy Tales staff member!

  • The introduction of the cookies of doom!

  • The first phone number that plays a song!

  • The second phone number that plays a song!

  • And MORE! (I think)

To listen to the podcast, click the play button below, or click this link. It may take a while to load either way.

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Also, the podcast is on iTunes, so just search for Strange Fairy Tales, and you should find it!

If you want to make your own podcast, I advise this site here. It is very helpful, and contains video tutorials on how to go about making your podcast. The only downside is that it was made in 2005, and there are some small changes to the websites listed.